Qualitetch fulfills your metal component solution

Qualitetch service aims at servicing the metal component requirements of customers in the UK and other parts of the world. The customers specific metal component supply is filled by Qualitetch manufacturing solutions. The success of the company is attributed to its continued dedication and commitment to quality. The company manufacturers metal components by using the latest technologies and equipment. The experts of the firm are involved in delivering a quality metal component to the requirment of the customer. The customer care and passion to deliver quality products have given the company a great reputation.

What are the various process and services of Qualitetch?

The company has a wide array of engineering solutions presently. Hence, it withstands the tough competition in the market for a long time. The customers who expect to have quality metal component designs are satiated by the quality work of the company. The various process that is undergoing in the company is

  • Welding
  • spot welding
  • soldering and assembly work

plating finishes offered by Qualitetch

  • Gold
  • silver
  • tin
  • nickel
  • Alocrom and anodising

What are the industries being served by Qualitetch?

Following are the various industries that are served by Qualitetch. They are

  • Aerospace,
  • Automotive,
  • Creative Arts,
  • Defence Projects,
  • Electronics Devices,
  • Broadcast Equipment, I
  • instrumentation Technology,
  • Scientific Devices, Medical Devices,
  • Telecommunications.

Let us see some of the processes here

Photo etching

This process is executed in a precise way with more accuracy and to the best.

Component forming

This process is executed with classic technologies of the company

EDM wire erosion

This process is also included for thin gauge components.

CNC machine services

Under this technique, the use of computer-controlled tools for making metal components is followed.

Metal stamping services

It is yet another quality work of Qualitetch.

The other process of the company is

  • Metal laser cutting
  • Plating and finishing
  • Sheet metal enclosures
  • Assembly work
  • Metal components
  • Design for manufacturing service

The above industries depend a lot on Qualitetch for its metal solutions. Your ideas are always solicited by the company to include on the metal.

Quality and approvals

The company is keen on supplying quality parts to the customers whoever it is. The products have ISO standards, and so there is always s huge reputation among customers. The latest and quality inspection techniques of the company are attracting many clients to them.

What metals can Qualitetch etch?

Some of the metals etched by the company are



Beryllium Copper,


Stainless Steel, Mild Steel,

Carbon Spring Steel,

Sandvik Steel etc.,

Customer contact

Are you in need of the service of Qualitetch company? If yes, you can feel free to contact the officials over the phone or by email. The customer service department of ht company is ready to attend to you with pleasure. The customer service department clarifies your query to your core satisfaction. You can also send an email requesting your details. The team responds to you quickly with your questions. You can approach the office in person too for your quick requirement.

Indeed, you will get a super quality process from the company.