Loft Conversion

Evaluating reviews of surrey lofts

Most home owners have already invested a large amount in their home. When they find that the space in their home is not sufficient because of an increase in the family size or number of guests, they are interested in finding out how they can increase the space available. Often the loft and the basement are the best options for creating additional space for storage or an additional room. Loft extensions are usually expensive costing GBP 35000 or more. So though surrey lofts are the top rated loft conversion specialists in the area, home owners should check surrey lofts reviews to find out whether they are suitable for their specific requirement. Some of the considerations while checking the reviews are discussed below.


The main consideration which home owners should check while considering a builder for their loft conversion is the design he proposes for the loft, how he is planning to optimize the space available. Most home owners are investing a large amount in loft conversion, mainly because they wish to increase the space available in their house, so they would like to hire a specialist, who can innovate to offer the best solution. Some of the design features which should be checked are

  • storage space provided, whether concealed in the wall
  • additional space for furniture like bed, table
  • lighting arrangement, whether natural lighting is available
  • waterproofing to prevent leakage
  • whether a bathroom is included


Most home owners do not have experience in procuring the materials required for the loft conversion and also do not have the free time to do so. So they would prefer if the builder purchases all the material as part of the contract. In case of surrey lofts, except for sanitary-ware, they will procure all the construction material required for the loft conversion and also arrange to have it delivered to the desired address. This ensures that the right quantity of the different material is available and the materials are of the quality which surrey lofts requires to provide a warranty on the conversion work which they do.

Construction time

Loft conversion like any construction activity will disrupt the life of people living in the house, they will either relocate or have to change their daily schedule. Hence most home owners would like to hire a builder who will complete the loft conversion as quickly as possible. While the time taken for each loft conversion will vary depending on the design of the loft, typically most loft conversions are completed within eight to ten weeks. Most of the reviews of surrey lofts indicate that they complete the loft conversion as per the schedule indicated, and in case of some customers have completed the conversion even earlier.

Customer service

Since the staff and contractors of surrey lofts will be in the house for a few weeks, it is important to ensure that all the people are professional, polite. The surrey lofts online reviews indicate that the staff, contractors are well trained, respectful towards family members, trying to minimize the inconvenience that the construction work causes, and ensure that the rest of the property is not damaged.

Loft Conversion

What to Mention in Sorrey Loft Reviews

There are many Sorrey Loft reviews floating around and you can be tempted to make one for your benefit. The truth is nobody is stopping you from doing so and it can be the first of many if you choose to do so. After all, nobody wants you to do it and the other way around. Perhaps, the first thing to mention would certainly be their customer service. Did they answer you right away when you chose to answer them a ton of questions online? Did you want to do it in the best way possible as you wanted nothing but the best things in life? It is evident they should have hired a team full of experts who would want to reply to all of your questions and it won’t really matter what time you choose to send it to them. After all, customers are always right and nothing should stop them from doing what they please. It would be in Sorrey’s right mind to answer as fast as possible so that any problem would be addressed right away if ever there are any.

One careful thing to always mention would be their punctuality. Did they show up in time or did they make you wait a little before they wanted to do a lot more than what they were looking for? We all know how being on time is a bit important because if that is not the case then you would end up waiting for a few hours before they start their job. You would want to do a lot of other things instead of trying to do stuff that would make them pretty proud of what they set out to do. Another thing you would want to mention is how the loft worked out for everyone involved. The planning time must be done in such a way that they would also listen to all of your ideas. After that, they would lay it all out on the line regarding what they would want to happen and listen to whether or not you would want them or not. Besides, you are the boss so you would want to do what is best for business.

When you decide to make Sorrey loft reviews in several websites then you should remember to mention if they would always update you regarding the progress of making the loft. You can’t blame yourself if you are a bit too excited for it to finish as that would mean you would want to live in a place that would look a lot better than before. Of course, it would mean that they are trying to ring the bell in order to get a steady update on notifications when you will try to set the record straight right then and there. There is nothing wrong with letting out your steam when it comes to the negatives that they brought about. Remember to be a bit honest or they would want to dispute your claims.