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surrey lofts provides you with the finest Surrey apartment experience. We have one of the largest portfolios of luxury apartments in the area – many available now. Plus, all new leases are 1 year leases, and we’ll take a 1 month deposit when you want to move in. We have only ended up with the best tenants, having dealt with them for over 5 years now. All are happy, and many want to buy! We have a reputation for building apartments that look great, feel great and stand out. We get great compliments on our apartments, and everyone loves the fact that they are brand new!

We also have a very good reputation for getting you in to see an apartment as soon as possible. We are not keen on holding apartments; we want you to have a first choice of which apartment to live in, and move in quickly. That is why we have only ended up with the very best tenants. In fact, most of our buyers have been referrals from satisfied tenants who loved the way we handled the entire process for them.

Recent reviews for surrey lofts:

“I have been very impressed with the service that I received at Surrey Lofts. They are very professional, and extremely helpful both before and after closing. I would highly recommend them.” – Joanne B.

“Surrey Lofts has always been so helpful, and they’re always just a phone call away. They’re great people to work with, I love my new place!” – Melissa M.

“I was really impressed with how familiar the staff were with their products, we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. It was definitely the right choice for us. The day I took possession was a huge relief.” – Allan T.

“Surrey Lofts has been extremely helpful, and they made sure I knew what I needed to know. They were very prompt in answering my questions and getting back to me when I needed them.” – Dan M.

“Everyone was always so helpful, and I was really impressed at how well they explained everything to me. The whole process was painless, and I am so glad that I found them.” – Julie W.

“I would definitely recommend Surrey Lofts to anyone looking to buy an apartment.” – Linda M.

We found a great place in Surrey Lofts – Lucy and her team made sure everything went smoothly for us.” – Mark C.

“I am very pleased that I bought at Surrey Lofts. It was very easy, and they were very helpful.” – Andrew C.

“Surrey Lofts has a great team of people who work with their clients to find the perfect place! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Jennifer H.

“We are extremely happy with The Surrey Lofts experience – they made it much easier than we had expected! We’ve been living here for over a year now and we love it!” – Matthew M.

“The Surrey Lofts team were all very helpful, and made the experience a fun one. I would definitely buy from Surrey Lofts again.” – Erin K.

“I had a great experience at Surrey Lofts – they made sure that everything was handled properly, which I really appreciated.” – Andrew D.

“I love my new home! It is everything that we could have hoped for, it’s perfect for us and our little boy.” – Adam B.

“I had a GREAT experience when I bought my place. The staff are all very friendly and good at what they do. If I need anything done to the place, they will do it for me! I really like living here!” – Talena D.

“My experience with Surrey Lofts was really fantastic. They helped me find the perfect apartment, and their follow-up service has been amazing. I love my home!” – Gerald S.

“Surrey Lofts are very knowledgeable about the market and really know how to help you buy a place. They have a great team who are helpful on all levels.” – Mark M.

“I really liked my time with Surrey Lofts, and I would definitely buy from them again.” – David R.

“They helped me find an awesome apartment, and made the process of buying a lot easier than I expected! I would recommend Surrey Lofts to anyone looking to buy in this area!” – Marisa M.

“We are very pleased to be living at Surrey Lofts. We are really happy with our apartment, and the service is awesome.” – Wes B.

“Surrey Lofts were fantastic to deal with. They were very helpful and polite, and made the process easy for us. I would buy from them again any time!” – Elizabeth R.