After many years of fascination with the Paranormal, and attending other Ghost Hunt Events, the Spooks Events team decided that we would be more than happy to provide members of the public with state of the art at night events. We are a family owned business that believes we can provide a more realistic and realistic night of events to our guests. We do not force any belief in you, nor do theatrical tricks. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and make your own judgment about any paranormal experience you have. We have professional psychic means at our events who will share with us what or who they are feeling and also do their best to get in touch with whatever ghostly spirit is present at night. Spooks events also use state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment in our events, which include video surveillance equipment throughout the night. Each guest will be able to receive a free copy. There will be another ghost hunting team to use when conducting your own paranormal investigations. Our goal is to spend a pleasant and unforgettable night with the Spooks team and also take home some experiences that you have a hard time explaining.
Our ghost hunting event

In all our ghost hunting events we strive to make them a pleasant and memorable night. We take the ghost hunt seriously but also fun. We don’t fake or play theatrical tricks, we keep the night realistic. We cannot and do not declare that there will definitely be ghostly activity as this would be impossible to predict. But we offer state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment at all paranormal events to help the experience.

We perform various activities at ghost hunting events, including Watch and Watch, table tilting, Ouija boards, glass splitting, pendulum work, and we also bring psychic media As stated above, we also offer ghost hunting equipment to use. all night long. Using K2 counters, EVP recorders, temperature guns, wide bars and also night vision cameras is a technological way to detect paranormal activity.

** Just as the Spooks Events will previously feature Night Watch crews constantly recording night activities, even in rooms we haven’t been to all the time. This is simply because spooky activity cannot always happen in the room we are in. Screens will be provided in the base room for anyone who wants to attend.

At our Hunt Hunt events, there will be experienced psychic media to share with us what they are feeling inside the building and also to help us communicate with anyone or anyone else who can also join us. The Media will also carry out activities in which guests are encouraged to participate.

As part of the Ghost Hunt event, we will be doing activities together, we will also split into smaller groups where the Spook Events team and the Mediums will be performing separately in various areas of the building. We also provide the opportunity for guests to conduct their own personal ghost hunting experience, where you can go alone for a period of time. If any guest is not happy about this, it is more than welcome to use this time to view surveillance cameras in the base room.

The above is how we enjoy doing our Hunt Hunt events, and we cannot guarantee that all activities will be performed at each Ghost Hunts event. This is purely because some venues do not allow certain activities to take place, that is. there are places where we are not allowed to do Ouija council activities. We must respect the wishes of the owners as well as our guests. Therefore, if you do not wish to do an activity, feel free to inform the Spooks Events team.

Most psychic or spiritual means will use a combination of the three different gifts mentioned below, although one of them will be more dominant than the other. The only way to get used to them is to use them. Don’t dismiss anything that comes to mind when you’re trying to work your way up.
CLAIRVOYANCE It just means seeing clearly. You may see pictures of spirits inside your head as if you were told to think of a favorite photograph and look at the detail in it. This is known as subjective clairvoyance because it is within their own experience. Some people see spiritual people the same way they see you and me with their physical eyes. This is known as objective clairvoyance because it is outside of one’s own experience.

CLAIR AUDIENCE It means clear hearing and in a similar way you can hear words of mind inside your head (subjectively) or outside your head (objectively). If I asked you to think of your favorite singer singing your favorite song and then hearing them sing the words, that would be subjective (inside). If you have heard the words of spirit next to your ear